About Teresa

I’m running for County Commission in Lumpkin so that everyone can live a better life here. We live in a special, beautiful place, and I believe that by working together, we can make a Lumpkin County that preserves our natural beauty, encourages business and tourism, and is a place for families, students, and everyone to live and enjoy. I believe that our future is bright, and if we have strong, dedicated leadership that’s committed to working for all of us, we can make sure that Lumpkin thrives and that the people here love it even more.

Teresa in her office
Teresa with her husband

I was born in the coal mining area of eastern Kentucky, where my father worked as a coal miner and later mine inspector, while my mother mostly stayed home. I was heavily influenced in my life by one over-arching theme from that background- support for unions!  It has lead me to be a lifelong Democrat. While I do not believe party affiliations are useful or informative on the hyper local level, the value of standing up for the working class certainly has remained a big factor in my beliefs. Soon after my high school graduation I moved to Chattanooga and started working with large computers in July 1976. I have worked full time ever since, only once having a period of about 3 weeks where I did not have a full-time job, and I have stayed in the technology/computer field the whole time. This career has shown me many things about the wonders of technology but at the end of the day, I am a small-town country girl.

Teresa marching in parade

I have been married to Leonard Gay for 39 years and will celebrate our 40th anniversary in October. We have two grown children together and I have one step daughter, and one grandson, and they all bring me great joy. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and in addition to my career, I am working toward the college degree I was unable to pursue in my earlier life, attending the University of North Georgia. For relaxation, I enjoy reading, theater, music and genealogy.  I have volunteered for years with Bear on the Square festival, as well as other community events. I plan to retire next year and move into the next new phase of living!